About Index Equity

“Index Equity is where ideas and business projects are brought to life.”

Index Equity executes projects and investments that are originally initiated in the parent company. Here the necessary capital is generated, plus the logistics and management required for implementing a business plan.

Our focus

Our focus is investments in companies or concepts that can demonstrate a sustainable business model and that contribute to optimising our own risk profile.

We continuously analyse and balance our investments to safeguard each individual project.


Index Equity has a broad and diversified portfolio with investments in areas like residence development, aviation, renewable energy, communication, textile, real estate, music, sports and entertainment. Index Equity invests in both private and public companies.


When our investments grow to larger volumes, we create separate business areas for them. This we have generated with real estate and energy investments that now are stand-alone business areas within the Index world.


We are Swedish, but with a global vision. Sweden and selected regions in North America are our prioritised markets, places where we have been active for many years and acquired extensive local knowledge. We believe a local presence and local knowledge are the keys to success. A passion for discovering new and exciting projects drives us – with the goal of creating healthy, long-term value for our shareholders.

What we invest is our own capital – the best guarantee that our business and each project are managed smartly, carefully and with personal responsibility.

Although we have increased the number of investment partnerships we engage in over the years, we continue to employ our own capital in joint projects with external professional investors. The founders of Index Invest have invested significant capital in the business, and we manage every project as hands-on owners and shareholders.